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"Five out of Five stars! Just got back from the Monarch Butterfly tour with

Explora Latin America.

The positives of the tour are many and never ending with Sid and Chris. The negatives are non-existent. I feel we hit the jackpot with seeing huge colonies of monarch butterflies in three unique locations. I had concerns before the tour but Sid and Chris took care of those with constant communication, leadership, and service which was proven throughout the tour. One example is with the required Covid Test to get back to the USA: Sid and Chris chose the right place and Sid was in the small room with me for moral support as I squirmed getting the test administered up my nostrils. Sid then gave me the test results in paper and electronic form (I used both). They took care of everything plus some. I think this is the best tour for the Monarchs in Mexico. Where else will you find such high levels of both heart and mind with Sid and Chris as guides? They allowed for thousands of moments of joy to be experienced on this tour, and I felt safe the whole time under their care. I love Mexico now and will soon return for another tour with

Explora Latin America!"


Roddy Ch., California

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"Could not recommend Sid and Chris more. There are not enough stars to rate the quality of our experience!
First, Sid and Chris are thoughtful about their support of local communities and businesses, something my family and I also value. They also have deep love and appreciation for the environment, the butterflies and our impact on them.
Second, they are excellent communicators, making sure the you know what to expect and when to expect the unexpected. They give you all the details, answer questions and are always a step ahead, anticipating and responding to your needs and surprising you by learning about your preferences.
Third - the trip was deeply personal. We worried about not clicking with them. Not a problem! They are two beautiful human beings who are passionate and knowledgeable about the butterflies, the regions and the culture. They share a piece of themselves in each of part of the trip. They know when to offer options and when to step back and give you space. They are flexible and open to helping make the trip what you want it to be.
Finally, it's important that you know that we are already planning a second trip with them. That's how much we enjoyed our trip and our time with Sid and Chris.
Don't wait! You will not regret it."
Lindsay, N. , Playa del Carmen, Private Tour

My daughters and I took this trip together about month ago. Simply put, I would say that it was the best, fabulous! Truly a once I lifetime experience!
Every aspect of the 7-day trip from our arrival at the airport, to the comfortable minibus, the interesting stops along the way, the reserves and the various accommodations, everything was carefully planned and well chosen.
Our day in the Rosario butterfly reserve was particularly memorable, truly magical: the experience felt like butterflies raining in the sunshine.
Sid and Chris are an excellent team - so helpful, caring, thoughtful and so much fun. They went far and beyond the scheduled tour activities by surprising my daughter on her birthday with a typical celebration- cake, piñata and all!
I have already recommended this trip to several my friends and hope to join Sid and Chris on one of their other Latin America tours.
Annie Y. Gubser
Annie G., Colorado

"Amazing company, with tour guides who are passionate, personable, and knowledgeable! They were extremely flexible dealing with all of the obstacles of Covid while making sure we were all happy and smiling the entire time! I have created amazing memories that will last a lifetime and it’s all thanks to Sid & Chris from Explora Latin America! I highly recommend using them and I will 100% be signing up for their future trips!"


Brittny K., New York

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Our family of four booked this tour and it could not have gone any better. Sid and Chris put a lot of effort into making sure you have a stress free great experience. They were right there at the airport to pick us up, took us to our room, and got us to a great lunch place. The whole trip was this way, they thought of everything, from giving you an orientation tour of Mexico City and the towns we were in to having change for the bathrooms. The maximum group number of 12 got us to where we needed to go, and the van was comfortable. The butterflies, OMG the butterflies were unbelievable. We went to three preserves, and I felt if we got one good experience that would be great, nature is not Disneyland and there are no guarantee's but we really lucked out, all three were fantastic. Due to their knowledge we were never crowded or rushed at these preserves, the timing was impeccable. At the last preserve, after witnessing thousands of butterflies flying and clumped in tree's we thought it was time to leave, but no, there was one more spot a few hundred feet away, it was awesome, like the finale of a fireworks show, everywhere you looked thousands upon thousands of butterflies. If you think for some reason you can't do this tour due to limitations, think again. Our group had varying degree's of abilities and quirks and they accommodated them all. You can pay more for a butterfly tour, but why? You won't get a better experience.

"I have been on my fair share of tours across many countries and it is fair to say these guys do everything properly. Effortless, seamless and experienced, but most of all fun. From individual needs, accommodation selection, to local knowledge. They provide all that you need and more. I highly recommend this company and would most definitely travel with them in the future again."


Luke B., England

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Monarch Butterfly Tour


"This has been on my bucket list for quite some time, Timing is everything and I hit the jackpot when I signed on for this tour. The care and attention to detail from Explora Latin America went far beyond what would be normally expected. The owners, Chris and Sid were hands on from the time I landed in Mexico and up until departure. Traveling alone, especially to a foreign country can be challenging, but the guidance, efficient communication along with the attention to detail by far exceeded my expectations!


As we traveled the beautiful Mexican countryside in a small group, venturing to three different beautiful Monarch Butterfly reserves to witness this magical experience. Tucked high up in the mountains of Mexico, observing one of nature’s greatest miracles of monarch butterflies congregating is indescribable! I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our trip: the mountain town villages, spending two days in the gorgeous and quaint town of Valle de Bravo, experiencing authentic and delicious meals along the way!


I highly recommend Explora Latin America and extend my gratitude to Chris and Sid for this adventurous and stunning journey! I look forward to joining you again for other ventures."


Carol Lang, Pittsburgh PA

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Monarch Butterfly Trip...Our group of 12 just returned from a fabulous time in Mexico City taking in all the beautiful and historical architecture, art museums, parks and landscapes! People watching was fantastic and we enjoyed LOTS of delicious food...I'll definitely miss the food, especially the street tacos and chicken mole! Loved the variety of sights but the highlight was hiking/horse back riding to mingle with the Monarchs! Such a magical experience! Each reserve was unique and the towns beautiful! Enjoyed the companionship of everyone in our group and especially enjoyed our guides Sid and Chris. Traveling with them and learning from them was fun and amazing! They made sure we had everything we needed for a memorable experience. The van we travelled in was spacious & comfortable and the lodging choices were amazing! Sid and Chris, complement each other well with their knowledge and cheerful personalities! Loved every moment around them and really hope to see them in Colorado in the near future! I give them an Excellent Rating!

"If you are interested in travelling in Central America these are your guides! We have been in a tour around Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and a wonderful time. They really offer authentic tours. Unlike with others you get to go to less touristy destinations and interact with people and their culture in a real way. You get to see hidden gems you won’t get with others. Highly recommended!"


Özgü, K., Switzerland

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There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful Sid and Chris are. We booked their last Monarch Butterfly tour this year. after the tour we hired Sid and Chris to help us around Mexico City. From our pickup at the airport by Sid and Chris... Chris rode back in the Taxi to our hotel and got us checked in. Then she gave us a short tour of the surrounding area to get our bearings. Later that day we met the rest of our small group. That night was our first meal with the group. Next day our tour began with the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon. then we were off to our first Butterfly Sanctuary. We paid to ride horses most of the way up. We checked into our second accommodations ( it was a bit rustic for us but the bed was comfortable ). Next morning off to another location after breakfast. Second Butterfly Sanctuary was gorgeous. We checked into our third accommodation. It was a fantastic place. Next day we stayed on our own and shopped and ate. The rest of the group went to the third sanctuary. Next day back to our first Hotel in Mexico City. We had our last meal as a group. We had Sid and Chris to ourselves for the next few days. We saw Diego Rivera Murals, Casa Azul, Coyoacan, Diego Rivera Museum, The Archeological Museum, We were by ourselves one day. So we shopped and ate pretty much all day. With a big nap in between. Chris and Sid kindly went with us to our Covid test sight the next day. And then took us to Chapultepec Park and Castle. Sid knew I was interested in cemeteries so he took us to the one his Grandparents were in. This was also the largest cemetery in Latin America and the resting place of Diego Rivera and many other artist, musicians. and famous people. Sid got us bikes to ride one day. and other times he got Ubers. Sid and Chris went above and beyond for us and we couldn't be more greatfull. We were super sad to say goodbye. Don't be afraid to book a tour with Explora Latin America. I don't know what they could have done to make our 11 days any better.

I travelled with guide Sid through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize over a year ago and can honestly say it was the best guided tour I've been on. I was lucky to have an excellent group but Sid kept us together, with enthusiasm, spontaneity and great local knowledge. The fact that I (and all of our group) are still in touch with him many moons after the adventure says much about Sid as a personality. Mexico, too, was a wonder for its culture, history, food and people. Can't wait to return and, hopefully, travel with Sid again.


William, P., UK

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Chris is an AMAZING tour guide! Her organization, communication and knowledge is incredible. We were able to see everything we wanted to, as well as places that only locals know about. I would highly recommend a tour with this group. Not only will you leave with an amazing experience but also with memories and friendships that last forever.


Alex R., USA See original: https://www.facebook.com/exploralatinamerica/reviews/?ref=page_internal

I travelled with a fantastic group of people through Central America, with the wonderful Sid as our tour guide. I normally travel solo, so was initially hesitant about joining a guided tour. However, I can honestly say that this was one of the best trips I've ever experienced! Sid was brilliant - flexible, helpful, knowledgeable and very funny! If you're looking for a real, authentic and fantasticly fun experience without the stress of figuring out your own travel, where to stay etc (we leave that to Sid 😜), then I highly recommend using Explora Latin America! Really hope I can join another trip soon 🤞


Sally, B., UK See original: https://www.facebook.com/exploralatinamerica/reviews/?ref=page_internal

I took a group tour through Central America a couple of years ago. Sid was our guide and I can honestly say he was the best guide I've ever had on a trip. We instantly felt relaxed with him and he made sure we saw all the highlights each place had to offer. He has fantastic knowledge on the places you visit, had great food and drink recommendations and kept us on schedule without making the transfers feel like a chore. Sid was so relaxed and approachable that we felt like we were travelling with a good friend. Wouldn't hesitate to travel with Sid again.


Tom, C., UK

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